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Wow. Sweet guy! And whadda package!


How handsome - what's in the undies?


I love the scar under his eye. And the nude pic against the brick wall? Pure beauty!


what a great interview. good work guys. yeah ever since that video was put all over the net everyone sorta sat up and focused on michael's package. i think you added something deeper to him with this interview. again, good job!


Stupid jealous hypocritical people really piss me off, I've had to deal with it quite a few times myself. I sympathize with all the "controversy" that has arisen. I know what it’s like to have bosses, coworkers and gym members over react to my junk.

I once had a boss fire me the day after he saw me take a leak at a bar’s troth urinal. Though he said his reason was that I harassed his (smoking hot) assistant, when I got wood, at her desk; he rejected that it was because she commented on how nice my slacks fit me), while staring at the crotch of my deeply, pleated, dark slacks.

Another time, I was driven away from a job because of rumors that spread around work about what happened while I was getting a birthday lap dance (was going commando with very lose shorts), on stage and that I went backstage with her. A few coworkers were watching, as audience members, but not part of my 25th birthday party.

A few muscle bound meatheads have accused me of stuffing socks in my shorts, while working out; some people laugh/chuckle at me, while others smirk at the meathead. I usually end up changing, drying off next to or walking past the meathead naked, asking, "Has anyone seen my socks?" That always gets uproarious laughter. I know the following rumors will perpetuate the stupidity and spread the talk about my cock, specially if I've got a semi; but putting bullies in their place just feels so good.


I agree, great interview as well. The focus was on the individual, not the package. I think the whole ordeal though has left him still a bit bitter. Fame can be extremely judgmental. He is trying to do the best he can though, and that is cool. I wish you good fortune on your future endeavor's Michael.


I love that you are such a real person... with your head planted squarely on your shoulders. You are not your dick, and your dick is not you. The sincerity shows, and you are such a cool person. This interview was/is LONG overdue, and could very well have put to bed the ideas, of the "holes" with chairs the shape of their asses, to discontinue the calendar just because of your GGW performance. These are the same mooks who hired you! You were such a candidate then, right? Michael, thanks for being such a great person, a friend to the community, real (Electricity, automobiles and blowjobs...what a funny bastard!) and above all, an example for others. Beautiful...thanks for deciding to do this [tasteful] interview with what is obviously an American Hero.


his gf is a lucky bi*ch! he's totally hot, down to earth, witty, crazy fun and yes...the huge package is definitely a plus plus plus.

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