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The young man known as Quinn Jackson or Quinn Jaxon, or by other names not mentioned here, has had a lot of appreciative printers ink spilled about him. Please let me spill a few more drops.

He is undeniably very attractive in just about every way, and this photo shoot is most engaging.

BUT . . .

I never thought I would live to hear me say this: he looks much better when he decorates his fairly ordinary face with a
well-kept beard, as he has wisely done in many shoots past.

AND . . . he is much more interesting when he keeps his mouth shut about his predilections. At the end of the day, nobody seriously cares much about his psychosexuality.

Hetero, Homo, Bi, Tri, Omni--who gives a tiddly wink?

Quinn, under another name, has been very
convincing in his successful gay porn flicks, which always focus upon the universal placement of his impressive package.

If he decides to place it in a female of the species, more power to him (and to her).

If he should decide to place it in ever more
interesting spots, do give him the address of my little grass shack.


quinn has probably peaked and 2012 will be the apex of his popularity. he certainly has aged 12 years in looks in the past 1 year, but besides being blessed with a big schlong and an averagely moderately pretty face, there is no there there...

next young man, please?...


What are you queens on about ?

He hasn't aged 12 years , he shaved off his beard and cut his hair a little shorter.

He is still very cute, and I'm not one to care about his package.

His smile and his ASS!! Yes :)


nice hog


I wish this young man the best of lucks
and hope does not end in porn as I am
afraid he already has


Quinn will be a hit in porn because of the monetary perks! But let's hope it won't deter from his true dreams as a professional dancer and performer in theatre arts.


Wow why post such negative comments? Seriously what is wrong with people. I wish him all the luck


He is a professionally ttrained dancer and right now is dancing with a certain dancing school for christmas (the nutcracker).

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