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So true...


Thank you for perfectly summing up my feelings on the whole 'Beyonce-gate' scandal. Let's move on now, shall we...


Mostly agree, except for this: "But let me pop your little bubble here. No one is capable of doing that and every pop star, big and small, uses lip sync every now and then.The real art is to do it in such a way that no one notices it."

With all the attention everyone is giving Beyonce--trashing her or defending her--everyone seems to be forgetting the other pop star who sang that day: Kelly Clarkson, who did a beautiful, live job. As she always does--at the Superbowl, Inauguration, Grammy's, concerts...the girl has never relied on lip syncing. Not once, and there are a handful of others (but only a handful, I'll give you that).

And let's not kid ourselves. It might be necessary on occasion, but lip syncing is no art.

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