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Is he gay, most BelAmi models are only into it for the money and are straight.

jose miguel



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Once Again, he's sooo fine and my type. Is he gay or Bi? I'd date him and possibly marry him.


he's so cute! his body is perfect and he has the cutest ass! i'd suck his cock and fuck him everyday ;)

kevin rhodes

He is a hottie. I checked out his website but there is no detail on its content. And you want me to pay money for what.....?


I can't believe he's working for Falcon. Except Roman Heart and a few others, most of Falcon models, such as Erik Rhodes, Trey Casteel, Joe Sport, Colby Taylor, and Aprad Miklos are totally disgusting.


Juan, that may be your opinion but I certianly do not think Erik Rhodes is disgusting at all and you would be STUPID to turn a guy like him down! I'd definitely choose him over this pretty blonde boy and many others would too.


He's bisexual but he's great with his fans. He was over in London about a month ago (actually he was here when this interview was published) and he was hiring himself out as a high class escort.

I'm lucky enough to be able to say I have sucked his dick and fucked his ass (truly sublime I can tell you) and I shot my load all over his face while he was banging my ass.

Tim is a true superstar.


Screw the Haters! when God made him, he flung himself out of the closet! He's divine!!

ben lucas

Ah Tim is unreal, if you were to dream up the smoothness cutest guy in the world he would pale. I love the shots in his see through white undies...

Cal Phoenx

Tim is truly the stuff wet dreams are made of! I only appeared in bear and leather porn, but I sure do wish I had "cum" across Tim in those wonderful years gone by!


God he's amazing...the guy just oozes sex. And while I love his bubble butt, it's true that his chest is super hot...possibly the most fuckable pornstar around...!


I have seen some gay porn and my god he takes the lot i mean hes the hottest star and i would if it was up to me i would love and to dream to marry this guy and spend the rest of my life with him... hes my true and breath taking god.

Tim's slave

Tim's a god! I wanna do my dirty laundry on his washboard abs! Those bj lips hypnotize me. I think of him and get hard....I've been practicing my breathing techiques to him for years and will for years to cum....


Tim IS BEAUTIFUL ... he is the definition and epitome of masculine beauty that Michaelangelo would have died for. Every aspect of him is sheer perfection and if I seem to some to be going over the top a bit I suppose I am. Sure there are other beautiful guys around but he has a cute boyish charm that can win the hearts and minds of those who see him in his awesome movies and of course of those who are privileged to experience him in person. I wish I was one so lucky!!! By the way I agree with his comment about his chest, it really is shaping up and he is justifiably proud of it but his delicious butt is also a glory to behold


yup!!!!!that's my boyfriend.....ooooh shit!but he's relly good....I like him....the best sex over the world....yup...kiss..


omg he is the hottest man alive. i wish he was in my bedroom evry nite. god, i luv ya


Tim Hamilton is the most beautiful looking young man i have had the pleasure to see in 60years

Han-Koh Chung

Tim Hamilton is so hot and handsome.


I would do anything that he says....ANYTHING!!


I would love to know how to hire the sex god as an escort so i could lick his hole forever


Tim is super hOt did you see a guy named Erik Fellows he is a dark hair version loook him up on imdb


Well, a new comment to an old article. I just got to know Tim and in reality, he's a great guy with excellent sense of humour, warm and bubbly personality. He's really sweet. And he does like playing golf. Hope to stay in a flight with him. He's a great fun on and off the course.


muito gato

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