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Tre Xavier

Gay-for-pay actors are nothing to marvel. They are the classic case of gay and bisexual men living in denial of their true selves, and give off the message that it's OK to live that way. Whether it be Dean Coxx engaged to a woman, or Kurt Wild with a wife and kids, putting a positive spotlight on these guys sends the wrong message to those men, young and old struggling with their sexuality. I should know, because I was once one of those guys.

Pete Farley

wow, what a hunk of a guy.

Be nice to meet in any ally, dark or light...


I think that first comment sounds a bit bitter. Why making such a big deal out of this. Dean Coxx is hot, and he sells nothing but a fantasy, like every other porn actor, whether they are gay or straight. No, it sounds more like someone is jealous or has had a bad experience himself (?)


True Dean is gay for pay but I have met him a few times and he is very friendly, funny and outgoing. He is a cool guy to be around and that is why he has become so successful


This strikes me as odd. Dean was on in Las Vegas not too long ago. It seems a strange way for a "straight" man to make a living. When he was on the amateur college site he seemed to really get into it. What does he tell his girlfriend. "Honey I've got to go out for an hour an have sex with a man for money then I'll be back for dinner and loving". Why not just be a straight hustler. One more thing everyone to their own taste but he is way to overdeveloped for mine. Great personality though.


Who cares whether he's straight or gay? the stud is sexy as fuck.


There is no way Kurt Wild is straight.WHere did you get this information?



I saw his sitem, he is pretty FLEXIBLE with his umm...sexuality lol


Sorry - Dean is 100 PERCENT Bisexual ...

Straight men do not have sex with men = even for cash = they could not get it up = and would not keep coming back.

This guy is bi bi bi -- as he said he gave into THE PLEASURE of GETTING OFF with a GUY.

Larry Dean

Besides our name in common, so to speak, he is just so very beautiful and sexy. Blond yet. He penis is awsome in all states of movement.



i have see you in tyra bank show and you are hot. I'm bi but i want , like your body i fitness ..... but i like you...



nice body, nice personality, but awful makeup and hair! I hate that golden (beige) look, totally unnatural. Maybe it's just a bad spray tan job, maybe cuz he doesn't want to spend all that time outside tanning anymore. He was better in


Whoever says a straight man can't get it up with a man is stupid. Straight people are oriented to people of the opposite sex. And if a straight person gets paid like get it on with the opposite sex, I am sure if they really like money getting it up is no problem. I get hard if my nipple are rubbed. Considering everyone has at has sex with one person they were not attracted even when it was their preferred gender, because the body has nerves. Your orientation isn't what you aren't attracted tells people what turns you on without trying. In Deans case....its women. Get over it.

shannon hall

OMG, Dean does not look like he is "struggling" with anything. He found a way to make great money, and adapted to the situation. Women can fuck other women and not be lesbeins, so a man can definitely fuck another man, FOR MONEY, and be straight! To each his own. With this economy, I would fuck the same sex too if it paid the bills!


dean is fkn hot gay or not i think hes by like his Gf sais but hes really good looking and he makes a lod of money doing guys


Come on people, you can't get take in the ass from another guy, and say you're straight! At the very least he's BI...but way. I don't care if he says he does it because of the money. STRAIGHT MEN do not get SCREWED by other men.

There's nothing wrong with being BI, Dean, own it.

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