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Ptit Loup

"...where no MAN has gone before" has since been replace by "where non ONE has gone before." Hollywood felt the original catch phrase was too sexist; besides, some of the crew isn't even human :)


Beyond the rim of the star-light,
my love is wand'ring in star-flight.
I know he'll find in star-clustered reaches,
love, strange love a star woman teaches.
I know his journey ends never.
His star trek will go on forever.
But tell him while he wanders his starry sea, remember, remember me.

These rarely heard lyrics to the STAR TREK theme song, written by Gene Roddenberry back in 1966, encapsulate the essence of what is STAR TREK. Hopefully, the new movie will not drift too far afield from Gene's original vision, as unfortunately has happened in some of the more recent incarnations of the TV show.


Correction: Robert April was the first commander of the Enterprise, not Christopher Pike.

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