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Sorry, but I just don't get the hype??? He is SO incredibly average.

Jacques Luneau

Hello Reese, nice interview and nice pics.. I saw you in a Randy blue video with manachi a young guy.. i think.. very sexy both of you




He's not that hot...he's plain.


Darren I don't know what you mean with "average", but Reese can come over to my place anytime. I won't be complaining. The man is hot...

Randy H

I have been a Reese Fan since he first showed up on Randy Blue. Not only is he beautiful on the outside, he also is on the inside where it really counts.:)


Reese is far from average in my book. I have had the pleasure to seeing him perform live and he is as beautiful in person as he is on film. He was also very friendly to everyone who came out to meet him. MEN Magazine got it totally right in naming him their Man of the Year.

These images that Gio shot of Reese are truly stunning to say the least. I love the shots of Reese in the bathroom and the emotion he is giving is great. WOW - the B&W shots of him showing his flexibility are true art. Do you know if these are available as prints or posters? I would proudly display one of those images on my wall.

Keep bring the Beautiful Men!


"Incredibly average"? "Plain"? What? Where? Jesus, I wish this was a representation of "average" and "plain" men! I see maybe at most 1-2% of guys in the general population look this damn fine and sexy!


This guy does nothing for me, and I have no idea why. Something about him just turns me off. I understand what Darren is saying.


the one with the penis looks photoshopped to me...


Ses superbes fessiers ressemblent à d'appétissantes viennoiseries !
C'est avec grand plaisir que je mordrais dedans !!!


Incredible. Compelling. Stunning. Charismatic. Reese is rare and unspoiled. I find him astoundingly beautiful and magnetic. Perhaps the sexiest man in gay porn in decades.


realmente el chico esta exquisito seria bueno que lo presentaran en algun lugar en mexico.
por cierto me gustaria saber de su publicacion donde la puedo conseguir en español ya que los niños estan increibles.

Jon Royce

Isn't Reese one of the hottest guys on the planet? I just love him.


Reese is hot as shit. Just not buying the" I'm straight" crap and married. Doesn't make sense to me. But it's not my business. Keep sucking dick Reese, you are gorgeous. And you seem like a pretty cool dud. Love you man!

Jon Royce

Reese is an above average looking guy but his personality and ability to perform sets him apart from all others.

I had to privilege of working with him serveral years ago and was blown away by his on camera abilities. He is a natural. I hope he breaks into mainstream. He is the same guy off camera. A lot of fun and never has a bad thing to say about anyone.

I made the introduction between Reese and Randy and am happy for him and all his success. Reese is to Randy Blue as Diana Ross was to Motown. A star.


Goodness, they just don't get it.

To all the people calling Reese plain, I don't 100% agree, but that's kind of his appeal. His face is kind of average (leaning towards nice). His body and wang are quite nice. It certainly is a refreshing change from the overchiseled, plasticky guys you tend to see in these environment. You know the types... Kens.

That's the main reason I love BeautifulMag. Although the guys are usually hot (and yes... sometimes plasticky), the photography actually tends to be excellent. I find a beautiful photo of a scantily-clad average man more interesting and erotic than a cheap webcam shot of a sex-god with a mega-wang in the foreground.


There is something about Reese. He has "IT". That intangible quality that separates a star from lesser mortals. It's almost as though pound for pound, Reese just has twice as much sex appeal as other men in porn. There is absolutely no way this man is average.


I met Reese Rideout in person. He's very nice in person.

amin simo

Somehow Rick Day continues to out do himself time after time after time. Another masterpiece portfolio from the master!

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