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OMG!!! He is HOT!!!

Lauren Johnson

I love Phil's body. Every part is defined causing your eyes to follow each cut. By looking at his pictures I wonder what type of person he is. Speaking as someone whos is very close friends with him. He is not cocky but confident, very down to earth, all around great guy who works hard for the body you see before your eyes. I think Frank Louis did a great job capturing him in these pictures. To me, he's the next big thing.


Phill baby you sexy ass're body is cut right...and i know someone wants to rub some ice down your look like you taste De-Licious....can i get a bite of your smooth broad shoulders ...


AI-OOOOOOOO!! (bret micheals voice) THIS GUY IS HOT!!! I dont kno who he is, but I wanna see more of that(winks), OWWW!!!!


Phil good looking on the site learn something new everyday huh ;0
again I say great work keep killing em!!!!!

Blue Michael

I'm so proud of Phil. Being his makeup artist and stylist and watching him grow as model has been so much fun. I knew Frank and Phil would be a great match. Working with Frank also has been great.
I'm so proud of this shot, can't wait to do more.
Thank you


What an amazing body keep up. You look great..congrats


OMG! wow Phil I'm so proud
the pictures are hot as hell



Another great addition to Frank Louis' growing portfolio. And congrats to Phil for this beautiful first photoshoot and the work he has put in to achieve his great physique.


Phil, guess those hours at the gym paid off huh? ;) CONGRATS! Good job Hun, your bod looks GREAT! Well, U look GREAT! :)

I wish u all the best & u've got my support :)


Phil, great pictures. I hope you let me do your portrait some day to immortalize such a great face and your energy. Best, Marquez


Phil!! You look amazing! Congratulations on all you have accomplished! I'm so proud of you, darling! These pictures are wonderful! Good job!


Mmm, what to say; what to say! I'm lost of words to say about your pictures, your body is sexy and I'm sure you hear that all the time but it really is. And I wish you much luck with the beginning of your career, with a picture like this like this you will go far :) congratulations Mr.Phil


Phil i was so surprised to see as you are growingas a model and good person, let me tell you...i' so proud of you !!!!, GOD bless you

Amina Smith

The pictures are amazing, and louis did a profound job of poising in it. In his deep brown eyes, I see a young man with passion of the human body and they he poses, shows a graceful athletic body that he carries so beautifully.He has a great career,and he has my full support. God Bless


I love this model
His is hot as hell
I wish you would show more skin
lets see the penis
but overall lovely , hot body man
I'm in love
DAM! where can i find him
I want to subscribe to this magazine just to see more of PHIL...............

Vanessa Ductan

Wow zeus! gorgeous pics! Beautiful as hell and they don't make them like him anymore. AAAAAAAMMMMMAAAAAAAZZZZZIIIINNNNGGGGGG!

gee polanco

damn!!!!!!boy those pic re hot!also i like how confortable u look like underwear model!

Anjalise Simpson

Phil Ductan is an amazing model WOW! I would love to see more from him ASAP!


Outstanding photos Phil!

Jamaican Sensation

Jamaican Sensation comin thru 2 bless up ur comments...Damn Phil. I alwayz knew u were sexy but damnnnnnn!!! LOL. Some1 give this man a contract ASAP!!! Congrats boo and I wish u much success in all ur future endeavors.


Excellent work, this guy's got potential!


AMAZING work! The Model Commands and his team brought the rest to life.


ReachPhotography DotNet

Phil is an amazing model. Great face, physique and flawless skin. Wonderful attitude and energy; a joy to photograph. Great collaboration w/the team!

Maria Rodriguez

Who is this Hot Stuff?
He is so gifted with a face and a body like that!
God Bless God's owesome creation.
I like your confident facial expression; Congrats yo you and your photographer and best of luck.

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