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Dieter , Toronto, On. (Canada)

.......all I can say: 'This is disgusting'....isn't there enough violence in this world.....???






completely ecstatic... EROTICISM at its fullest.. !! i love it.. more plz..

Down Under Sjippy

OMG. Hottest pics ever. Bookmarked this one and sent the link to everyone I know. Thanks for posting these. These will make great images to want to.


Do "Adam & Marco" have last names?? They were refered to a couple of times by first names, but never the last names. Hard to "Google" for more pics using just "Adam" or "Marco". I do know Adam's last name though.


Adam Killian and Marco Blaze are the models.

The pics are cool, if a bit cliche in gay terms. The one with blood spraying out of his mouth, was a bit much imo. That kind of violence is not erotic to me.


marco blaze


Disturbingly erotic, uneasily pleasant...


Adam Killian and Marco Blaze. Very nice photo shoot.


Hi team,
While I appreciate the images in Interogation I am quite disturbed by the photo of the blood being shed from a violent punch. Gay men around the world are constantly being bashed or worse murdered by acts of violence because of their sexuality. This picture depicts such a scene for many people and so I believe it to be inappropriate here. Can I therefore politely request that it be taken off. I deal with gay men who have been subject of violence perpertrated by straight homophobes who pose as gays for sex and then execute violent phobic acts.


There is already far too much violence in this world of ours. Let us always strive to spread a little love and beauty around, whenever and wherever we can.

Wayne WA

blood flying out of mouth pic is out of line, anything but erotic


I think that there is a bit of confusion in the intent of this shoot.

I feel it is supposed to be disturbing in that sometimes the things we find arousing can often repel us as well. Power play is part of many people's sexuality irrespective of orientation and this sometimes goes beyond what many would feel comfortable with.

While the imagery is pretty graphic - especially in the "blood shed" image, I don't see it as condoning anti-gay violence.

To me this is exploring an erotic extension to "Stockholm Syndrome", where the prisoner finds themselves attracted to their captor, despite the physical harm.

Violence can come into sexuality between men in a consensual situation. It is that possibly uncomfortable area which I believe is being explored here - not the eroticisation of gay-bashing.


First of all, I believe these images are stunning pieces of art and the article going with it is a good explanation of the artists vision. But what makes this piece even more interesting is the discussion it has started. How can we, self respecting gay men, possibly condemn gay erotic art. Really people, do you sometimes see a film, or even better (or worse), watch the news? Isn't what you see there much worse in terms of giving the wrong message or the right reality? Since when have we, the 'outcast' become such puritans and hypocrites? I admire the artist and have profound respect for this site for being one of the very few brave enough to make a stand and put it all out there. Congratulations. Keep up the good work

M. Chik

i love it !




I think what people forget is art is interperpretation. This being said,most of the time when someone negatively interprets art they are pulling from their own instincts or experiences and not necessarily what the artist or creator even had in mind.This also being said I feel the images are phenomenal. Dealing in the realm of men and sexuality; what no one commented on was the use of erect penises; lol. because no one felt THEY were offensive. Someone who might have been prude or homophobic would then comment on why would u have two men in this context.
People I say all this to say..everything by someone's eyes is going to be construed offensive. Two men together is going to be redeemed offensive( and we all know its not). These images are beautiful in the artful concept of lighting ,direction, shadowing, effects,models, color scale and useage, and etc.etc.etc...I love you Justin..these are amazing once again


Art is supposed to evoke a reaction! This CERTAINLY does just that! Brove Mr. Monroe for doing what others fear to do, what some look away from, what some desire most... and what everyone is talking about!

ashtyn long

hi this is ( ashtyn long ) i have had the honor to work with justin monroe and many other great photographers and have been astounded by the work justin creates in comparison to other artist who's work cross no boundaries. this set he has manifested is definitely very edgy, which i think is the definition of where photography as art should be going.. keep pushing the boundaries justin!!!! this was amazing!!!! love you!!!!


Hot. that's it. just hot.

Dean Plessy

Love the pics. I consider myself to be a rational and law abiding member of society. I would never want to harm anyone or see anyone truly harmed as well. Yet, there is something primal and powerfully erotic about the theme conveyed in these photos. The dynamic of one man giving himself completely onto the will and desire of another man. There's a memorable line from the movie "Dangerous Liasons" where the Glenn Close character says to the effect of "I prefer the word cruel. It has a much nobler ring." Images I would hope to see portrayed in Justin's next work would be asphyxiation/strangulation done in a very erotic and artistic fashion. There is something incredibly intimate about it: no weapons, no blood. The rawest expression of coveting another man; to use one's will and premeditated strength to embrace the life force out of another. The captor transfixing his gaze, locking the eyes of his prey, the staredown of one vanquishing the other, the consent of complete capitulation and release, until the victim's life force is extinguished. Again, for me it's all fantasy - news stories of "true" incidents repulse me.

Rudy Hernandez

Love the idea of being a helpless and vulnerable toy for someone who transcends law and morality.


after this fotos Mr Justin can do an essay based on TOM OF FINLAND drawnings. SUPERB


i love you MARCO BLAZEE!!!!!!


violento pero muy bueno el trabajo

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