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Great interview! ;-)


Yes, great interview. And OHHH so glorious pix. Mr. Rosser is by far my fav photographer, and Patrick O'Brien is always amazingly beautiful to behold. More of both, please! ;)

Thank you all! xXx

Tom R

have to say after the 1st couple of questions I stopped reading. His arrogance is so apparent and that is a turnoff. As to "straight" guys doing gay porn - I don't buy it.


I don't like str8 men doing gay porn: this is a really an against-natural-instinct-thing.

Tim Upham

He is not really doing pornography, he is just being photographed in the nude, and performing manly functions. It does make any difference what his sexual orientation is, because sexual orientation can be very thinly defined. A lot of men who have done it mostly with women, and also enjoyed themselves with a man. It is just that he is gifted at what he does. He should be proud of himself for doing it.

Dieter (Toronto, Canada)

I don't like his attitude. Let him stick to his own. We have enough and more beautiful gay porn stares who are much more exciting and do not ride on the novelty of being 'straight'. I am surprised abour Dylan Rosser..............


Frankly I don't understand what everybody is so upset about. True at first glance the guy seems to be a bit arrogant, but read the interview people. I think you will find hims just young and forthcoming, and above all, very honest. I too have questions about a straight lad doing gay porn (yes Tim he does porn. Just Google his name) but WTF, who really cares. No one has problem with gay Hollywood actors pretending womanizers, right? Paddy is one sexy bloke and if he choose this career path, let's just enjoy him. Thanks Beautifulmag and thanks Dylan Rosser. And thanks Paddy


No matter what anyone thinks of sexy Patrick...this feature should be titled: 'Not Gay For Big-Enormous Pay'....And 'topping' all the way to the bank.


I think the interview was good, and I think the photos are great, he has a nice tool.
I would like to know if he would share that tool with another guy even being staight.
I mean he performs for the gay public so may be he would perform with a gay guy.


For once a guy is honest about what he is doing under the 'gay-for-pay' logo & people still need to post negative feedback. Can't please everyone is the perfect phrase to say. He is a very handsome man, honest about what why he does it, i admire that he has a strong view of what he will or will not do, doesn't mind that gay men enjoy how looks & work. I say bollox to those who don't like what he does & the rest of us will continue to enjoy Patty as long as he is around.
XO Patty

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