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Chad Weese

Yay, more Alex. :D Besides being incredibly hot and sexy, I think the thing that attracts me to him (and probably many others as well) is his demeanour. He's not full of himself or pretentious - just very real. It's refreshing (and attractive).

(A side note: It's probably better that he doesn't remember what happened that fateful day. Memories of war are bad enough but if soldiers were to remember everything, I'm not sure their minds (anyone's, really) could fully process it and deal with it all without breaking. I recently saw an article that posted pictures of soldiers before they entered a war zone and again after. The change is dramatic - especially in the eyes; and that's just from what people do "get" to remember.)

Now, if he were gay and I were 10-15 years younger, I'd be all over him like a wet t-shirt - and loving it. LOL

I envy the photographers. :)


Been seeing Alex on every other website friggin' HOT! With all this monumental exposure its really about time this tatted straight stud does full frontals for all his devoted fans!

iama(GAY)tekeeper known as thegaytekeeper

LOVE his energy




so wonderful as not just the story but the exploration in the photos as the frames or iced, yet, as war being so hideous -- particularly with the back story that recent forays have -- it's awesome to see his enjoying life + moving beyond a mindset of closure. thank you. i miss the sanctuary in the vosges in many ways.


Nice to see these photographs are very uncensored, very real. These ARE the bees knees (!), not psydo-glamor shots with rhinestones and photoshopped to death like those of Alex by Justin Monroe. These are creative and honor Alex in a very down-to-earth way. LOVE the silhouette shot and the dusted in (flour?) shot! Remarkable!! Nice work, Eric!...


Aside from his looks (damn fine looks at that); Alex is just being Alex. Real & enjoying life; why not? He went through living hell & is here to be here now. A lot of us can learn from his example of life. Though he may not be gay, he doesn't dislike the fact that many do adore him.
Lucky the one who gets his attention, because he is full of life & i bet never boring.


The Smirk,
hilarious tattoos
general sense of optimism.

Dream man.

Richard Duyn

Terrible...All those tattoos, too bad a beautiful man do this to him selves! A non-tattoo lover here.

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