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Jim Lee

Yawn... another, no personality, look at me male model! Attitude today is pathetic at best - whatever happened to smiling for the camera and being a regular guy?? Another round butt, muscled bod and (required) big penis. Remember, the parents and genes play a big part in all this! Basically this pretty male model thing is getting boring fast. How about showing real men (body hair/pubic hair?) just being men, trying to get along in this insipid, abs induced, youth obsessed world??


I have been a follower of BeautifulMag for a long time, but don't really give many comments. However, I just wish that people would stop giving stuoid inappropriate comments like the one from on this post. First of all, it has nothing to do with teh content of teh story, which by the way, it well written and beautiful. Second, WTF, if you don't like what you see, just move on and stop bothering others with your small minded ideas. BeautifulMag is doing a great job.


I would agree with the above...eye candy please...there are bear web sites all over the internet, so why not go there and look at all the hairy and apparently not muscled men if a person thinks this isn't a man, although I certainly do. I like well-endowed men. It's sexy.


Wonderful Editor's Letter as usual. Don't mind the troll's post which is totally inappropriate. I remember riding past Olivier's exhibit outside la Mairie du 3e Arrondissement in Paris with my bike the day after it was vandalized. The photos were still there and beautiful even if mutilated. Thank you Olivier (and the BeautifulMag staff) for your fight against obscurantism, equality is definitely right !

Jim Lee

I'd like to post a "side-bar" to, not only what I wrote, but as to why. I love men... especially the men of Beautiful mag. At the time I saw the cover model of #142, I was upset - with myself. I had just been recently diagnosed with skin cancer and was deeply depressed. I felt ugly and alone. I came here, not just to see HOT men... but a man with a smile - a sweet caring smile. With Troy Phillips serious side showing, I felt excluded from the world of all gay men.
I apologize for my negative comment and subsequently agree with Jason's and John's responses. Thank you Beautiful mag., for sharing your vision and work.

Mole Johnson

I love looking at purdy mens's!

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