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Rick Smith

One Human Family, the Key West philosophy.


Sunday July 19, 2016
BeautifulMag your "We are not alone" editorial has to be your best one yet. Do you "editorialize" anywhere else? The last several commentaries that you've published in BeautifulMag almost have me looking forward more to what you've written than the work of featured photographers and their models. Mind you I say "almost". However, if you do write for another publication I seriously would be interested in following your writings/opinions. Thanks again for yet another well written piece. RJ-Santa Monica, CA


It is not my habit to comment on our own posts, especially not on editor letters. After all, all we want to say is said in the piece? It is also not my habit to publish private messages? However we received an email regarding this particular editor's letter that I wish to share with you, without revealing the identity of the writer. Of course I am open minded, and of course I believe everyone has his or hers right of their own opinion, but this one scares me.

Let me add to this that by no means we claim to know everything that is happening in the world or the bigger ideas behind what is happening. I just sincerely hope there are some ideas behind it. Some good ones that eventually will benefit all of us. Maybe I am a bit short minded, because I’m just living in one place in the world (which by the why is a place that over the past 2 years or so has played a major role in the things we have been writing about) and that place happens not to be in the United States. My bad.

I’m not having any illusions any readers will take notice of this particular comment but if by any chance you do, please do share with me your thoughts, because I’m most curious and interested in what you, liberal and open-minded BeautifulMag readers. So here it is:

“Your editorial in issue #220 reveals your total ignorance of what is going on in America and in the world. Donald Trump has nothing to do with the fact that people attempt to kill other people any way they can. This is especially true when the most obvious terrorist group – Muslims - are rapidly becoming a sort of protected class. Even the Obama administration cannot or will not bring themselves to utter the phrase Islamic Terrorism.

Millions of American own firearms, and manage to refrain from running around shooting other people. To blame any deaths on guns is a liberal conceit and totally inaccurate. Do you blame a computer for making a mistake, instead of the person operating that computer.

The gay community should celebrate and support Trump. Why? Because he's the only person on the news who isn't afraid to call a spade a spade. I don't particularly like the man, but he has one thing going for him - he's not Hillary Clinton.”

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