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Chad Weese

I, for one, am happy you're back. Frankly, I missed this. Coming here every day or every other day was part of my routine.
As for venting here; every week, you have an editor's letter that expresses your thoughts on many different things. I think that is the whole point of them, so to use them to vent isn't a deviation from that. So, feel free to do so.
That said, you ask how we got into this mess but, unfortunately, it's all too clear. When a country's society works to hold down the voices of a portion of a country's demographic, that will simmer and bubble until, one day, it explodes. Two governments did that within my lifetime. It was a terribly kept secret that the Russian presidency and Prime Minister spots were just being swapped around in order to fit in with the ridiculously loose laws governing leadership in that country. However, when "democracy" was introduced, a large portion of the population that still supported the ideals (if not the idea) of the U.S.S.R. were simply told to put up and shut up. Add in a charismatic leader with a communist bent to the mix and you have provocation to expansionism and war waiting to happen.
The U.S. is similar. You have one half of the country enjoying decades of mostly ideal governments until the other half finally blew their top. Trump is the result of that. He's not the cause or even the catalyst. All he did was ride the wave of frustration right into the oval office.
That said, there is a new side being stepped on that is already bubbling over. The mass protests happening everywhere are a direct symbol of that. Unless those in power open their collective eyes and see for themselves the escalating volatility happening around them, war is inevitable. The only question to ask at that point is: who are we fighting?

Chad Weese

In hindsight, it might be better if you removed the whole section about the mess we're in from my comment (provided you want to have it posted at all). This is a place to appreciate beauty and art, not a forum for my silly diatribe. :)


very fine text! just a song's title as answer and it comes from "Vandergraaf Generator" : The least we can do is Wave to each other

RJ Miller

....your "Learning to Walk" editorial is so spot on. I've long since admired your writings/editorials. I've reached out a few times to inquire where one might read more of your views on the world. I truly believe your talent for "hitting the nail on the head" type views need to be heard/read by a larger audience. I live in the Los Angeles area and I swear you're a fellow American Citizen by the nature of your familiarity of all things United States. For someone living abroad you appear to have a better grasp on what is happening here in the US than many of those that actually live here. Please consider a second career in producing a regular "blog"/web orientated editorial to enlighten the masses here. I really believe your succinct views/instincts are badly needed. There is always room for one more common sense view of the world. Thank you for your continued enlightenment...and of course Beautiful.

Jorge Orlando Giovachini

Beautiful words. I am from Argentina and sometimes (many times) I wonder the same thing ... What do we do to make things so bad? At the Society level, at the Government level ... And I'm 57 years old, I'm a DADDY BEAR committed to social issues. In short, hopefully find the Light, both USA and the rest of the world. Kisses and affection from ARGENTINA!

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