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Joe R.

Welcome back! I definitely understand your sentiments! I'm in that mode as well. Thanks for sharing yourself with the world!😘💙💜❤💛💚

RJ Miller

February 3, I am in Los Angeles… a million miles from where you are yet a bit of sanity just returned to the world discovering you’re back to writing! I've been checking back on and off over the past year hoping either I messed up my laptop and somehow accidentally installed some kind of block of your site OR I missed the issue where you mentioned your plans for a sabbatical. So, discovering you're back has made my day! I sincerely hope your "sabbatical" provided all of what you needed and that all is well in your part of the world.... which after reading your commentaries for so many years seems no different than that of your followers and fans such as myself. Reading your views of the world has really taught me that the world can be a really small place at times where we are more alike than different. We may speak different languages but our need, wants, desires, etc. all seem to be pretty much the same. You just have an incredible way of explaining it all. So glad you’re back…. stay happy and inspired! RJ – Santa Monica, CA

Chad Weese

It's been a long time and it's good to see you back. Maybe a new look for a fresh start? Regardless, glad to see you're back and ready to go at it again. :)


Good to have you back, I missed you.


A most welcome return, your presence was greatly missed!
Full of admiration for you for taking the time you needed, and I’m sure that you will continue the amazing quality of your work!


welcome back!!!!!!

Germán Armenta

I’m really glad you’re back guys!!

Picsessions Photography


So very good to see that you're back!


I could not be happier to see you back! I also once needed to take a break and it lasted much longer than I thought, but one never knows until it is actually happening. You needed a break and a well-deserved one, at that!

Again, so happy to see you back and wish you nothing but the best! I'm looking forward to more Beautiful!

Jorge Orlando GIOVACHINI

I waited for you. I missed you. And I will continue to support you like more than ... 10 years ago ??? It could be 10 years ... Maybe a little less. So ... WELCOME !!!!!

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