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Pubfilm is one of the most active and popular online streaming sites with close to eight million visitors per month. Most Pubfilm clients originate from the United States, yet the site is famous in different parts of the world.

What makes this site stand out among many other online streaming websites is that its interface is user friendly. Navigating through the site is quite easy compared to other sites because of the simple and highly functional design.

When you log into the site, you will find that it is categorized into; trending now- where you will get all the movies, TV shows, and anime that are currently popular, latest movies- here you will find newly added videos.

Top upcoming movies- this is a section of the hit movies that are about to be released, latest episodes- a section where you will find episodes of continuing series that have been added. Lastly, the TV show added a section where new shows are added.

There is also a search tab feature on the top right side of the page; this will enable you to search your favorite show with less hassle easily. All you need to stream your favorite movie or series is a web browser. Luckily the site is also compatible with smartphones.

They are quite several streaming services like Pufilm available on the online market. If you think you have used Pubfilm for quite some time and would love to try another website similar to Pubfilm, then you are on the right track.

We have prepared for you a list of five of the best online streaming platforms similar to Pubfilm.


This is one of the best substitutes for Pubfilm and has been around for a while. It was founded in the year 2011 in the UK, and it is currently being operated in Vietnam. The owner of the site is not known.

The site directs its clients to the servers where the movies and TV shows are kept; this makes it a legal platform. One advantage of Putlocker is that you don’t need an account to access the platform; no sign up is required.

According to, the site was featured among the top 250 websites in the world and the top 150 streaming websites in the USA.

All the users can access HD quality movies and TV shows for free using a simple process. You don’t have to worry about subscription and charges. The website interface is easy to use, and you only need a few minutes to know your way around the site.

One thing that makes this site your best pick is the extensive library of TV shows, movies, and animations that are updated continuously. Any movie you want to watch, you can find it on this platform.

Unlike other online streaming platforms, the Putlocker is not highly dependent on JavaScript. You are going to love this streaming site because it has fewer ads, thus giving you ample time you need to enjoy your movie or TV shows.

The platform has a search feature that will enable you to search for your movie and save you time. Also, there is a section of most viewed shows where you can get the best and trending shows; this serves the same purpose of saving you time.

Putlocker now has a mobile app; you can still have access to the vast collection of movies and TV shows using a mobile phone. If you are using an android device, you can download the application from the Google play store.

Popcorn Time

Another popular streaming platform similar to the Pubfilm is the Popcorn Time. As a pop-corner, you will be able to download video torrents into a custom video player directly. Something that many users of the platform don’t realize is that streaming for free is piracy.

Which is against the law, and you could land into a lot of trouble if you are caught. To use the platform without fear, you can install a VPN on your device. Luckily some versions have inbuilt VPN, those that have a partnership with AnonymousVPN.

For the most part, the application itself isn’t noxious if you download it from a trustworthy source, the official site. Nonetheless, there are rogue versions of the app on the internet, and those informal versions are frequently loaded up with malware by programmers.

This makes it essential for clients to be incredibly cautious about where they download Popcorn Time.

When you are downloading the app, stick to the following; Popcorn, which is considered as the most official version of Popcorn Time and Popcorn Time. Is this was initially referred to as Popcorn Time where most content is available in 720p and 1080p.

There are two ways you can stream your favorite movies on the site, you can either use your browser, or you can download the application not just for pc but also android and iPhones. Whenever you are bored and feel like watching the movie, Popcorn Time has got you.


This is a torrent website that allows its users to have access to all the latest TV shows and movies in HD format for free, no account or subscription is required. According to the American Motion Pictures Association, this streaming website is the most popular pirated website on the globe.

Like other pirated websites, the owner of the 123Movies is unknown; the operators have hidden their identity because it is an illegal platform.  Finding the primary domain of the site on Google is next to impossible.

But that should not worry you as they are plenty of clone websites on the internet. To make your work easier, we have prepared a list of all domains, URL or links that are currently active which include;, 123Movies.In,, 123Movies.La, 123Movies.Mv, all that is required of you is to copy-paste the links mentioned above into your browser, and you are good to go.

While the site has put all the measures in place to ensure that the platform is safe, we recommend that you visit 123Movies with VPN protection. The VPN will offer your device protection against viruses and malware when you log into a streaming site with annoying pop-ups.

You can always receive content updates if you sign up for your email for updates. On the homepage, you can view trailers first to help you check the quality of the video; thereafter, you can view the full-length video.

You can select movies depending on various genres like horror, action, or comedy. You can also choose the TV series based on the country it was released. To watch or download movies, visit any active domain, and search for the film you wish to view or download.

Select the suitable format and quality you prefer, once you are done click on the movie, and a new window should open where you can click on the download button.


If you have been browsing for a free place to watch movies and TV shows or to download them, you must have come across Vumoo. The site is an excellent alternative for Pubfilm and features free and unlimited video streaming. Many videos are available in HD.

After the shutdown of many online streaming platforms, Vumoo becomes popular in 2019 as a replacement. Due to the similarities between this site and the 123Movies, there have been speculations developed by the same unknown people.

Vumoo acts like a search engine for videos; it displays a direct download link that will enable you to view or download TV shows that you like using torrents. Therefore it is not a pirate site because it doesn’t host or upload any video files.  The standard domain name used to access the site is ‘’

The site sources videos from sites like Megavideo, Vidbux, and Vidbull; in other words, they try to make it easy for you to download stolen content without being held responsible for the act.

When you are on the homepage of the Vumoo website, you will see a list of currently trending movies and TV shows. Clicking on the videos will open an ad, and then you will be able to watch the videos illegally.

You need to be careful when using this platform, some of the links may contain viruses and malware. It is always advisable to use a virtual private network while surfing the website for privacy and safety purposes.

The website generates its revenue through advertisement; to have a good time, you will need ad-blocking tools. Whether the site is legal or not, the site is illegal since it infringes on Many copyright laws by distributing pirated content.

And such websites have been blocked in many countries. One downside of Vumoo is that it does not have an app for mobile, iPhone, or android.


Yes! Movies is an infamous digital content piracy site. The unlawful site gives many pilfered films and TV shows to web clients. YesMovies website is visited by various individuals from everywhere throughout the world for its stolen free content.

The site is blocked in the USA and many parts of India to forestall online piracy. Despite being hindered, the website keeps on working by utilizing numerous intermediaries.

According to a website that provides website statistics called, yes! Movies is globally ranked as number 73,044 based on traffic data collected by internet users.

It is an excellent alternative for an online streaming site, which has popular movies and TV shows. It was launched in the year 2019, and the primary domain name is ‘yes!’ The owner of the website is not known

The layout of the website is quite simple, and the content library is rich. You are going to get all the films on the internet here. You need to be warned that Yesmovies is not a legal online video streaming platform, and as a result, you can be prosecuted for accessing content using any of their domains.

The website is continuously refreshed with the most recent and latest content. Nonetheless, the services are no free; premium content is only accessible by those with premium accounts. In any case, many TV shows and movies on the site are free and of good quality.

Like other illegal online streaming platforms, the website has several domain names that users can use to access the content. This is because they are often shut down by the law due to law infringement.

Some common domain names include, yes! Yes!, and yes! The site has managed to leak several big-budget films in the past years, including Bad Boys for Life, Chernobyl, and The Boys.

Conclusion – Pub Film

It is imperative to note that most of the online streaming platforms are illegal and promote piracy, including some discussed in this write-up. It is always smart to be on the right side of the law; therefore, if you can try and use legal streaming services.

Pirated websites come with many dangers; for example, as mentioned above, they are often shut down; as a result, they have more than one domain that provides their users with access to the website. Most of the time, such proxies may contain viruses or malware that may damage your device.

And as you probably know by now, pirating websites have been blocked in most countries. If you can’t resist using these illegal websites, I suggest using a virtual private network (VPN) to mask your location.

Always use up-to-date anti-virus software to deal with any viruses that you may encounter. If you are still wondering what the best alternative to use is, we would like to suggest Putlocker.  The site may not be legal, but it is safe to use

It is the closest thing to Pubfilm you will ever get concerning online streaming platforms. The website is user-friendly and has a mobile app that is compatible with iPhones, tablets, and Android devices.

With their frequently updated library, you will always be catching up on the latest shows and movies at the comfort of your home and have a good time with your loved ones.

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