How To Tell If You Have High Cheekbones

Do I Have High Cheekbones vs Low Cheekbones?

Cheekbones can be defined as the bone which projects the cheek, and it is found between the eyes and the ear on the most extensive section of your face. The cheekbone is also referred to as the molar bone or the zygomatic bone in scientific language.

A lot of attention and praises have been thrown the way of high cheekbones, which even led to the dominance of face contouring makeup!. Everybody seems to want them. So what makes high cheekbones to be the most precious facial features among models and beauty professionals?

Well, it goes without saying that high cheekbones have a pronounced touch of beauty and attractiveness. This is because this kind of cheekbone makes your face slightly dip in just below the projected bone, causing a shadow which has an effect of contouring your face.

In Chinese astrology, it is believed that high cheekbones have a bolder personality in face reading compared to other types of cheekbones. According to their astrology, it is thought that people with high cheekbones usually are filled with pride and have a way of attracting attention.

Why Are High Cheekbones So Famous?

High cheekbones have now for over a decade continued to be appreciated and appreciated in many cultures around the world.

It is now almost every model’s dream to have a set these highly valued cheekbones others even going to the lengths of undergoing surgery to get them right. So what makes them so invaluable?

They Are Considered To Be More Sexually Appealing.

A survey conducted by The Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology involving over twenty thousand participants was one of the first official experiments on people’s attraction to high cheekbones.

All the participants were shown pictures of several women with different facial features and were asked to select those that passed as attractive according to their taste. Almost all the participants selected at least one picture of a woman with high cheekbones.

Research has proven the existence of a positive correlation between high cheekbones and estrogen levels in women. This is the hormone responsible for fertility and reproduction, two features that men subconsciously look for in their partners, thus explaining their attraction to them.

Other participants were attracted to high cheekbones as opposed to low ones since they believed that the former is associated with youthfulness and maturity, whereas the latter is associated with aging.

They Attract More Attention

The position of cheekbones on a face most certainly determines the symmetry of the face.
Faces with high cheekbones always appear to be more symmetrical than the others hence have a higher visual appeal to human eyes. Two theories explain this phenomenon.

Perpetual bias view; this theory argues that symmetrical faces are processed with more ease by the human brain than asymmetrical ones, making human beings attracted to outstanding features like high cheekbones.

Evolutionary advantage; according to this theory, humans perceive asymmetrical features to be deformed or with health complications. This perception, therefore, makes them be attracted to symmetrical faces.

High Cheekbones Easily Gain Trust

This might sound far-fetched, but research conducted by NYU to test the viability of this theory and exciting findings made. For instance, in a particular survey, participants were given several random pictures of faces with different features.

They were then instructed to write down any characteristics they associated with each face, and trustworthiness was consistently related to faces with high cheekbones. It is fascinating how such a small feature on someone’s face can have such a significant impact on people’s perception of them.

Types of Cheekbones

Before delving on some of the steps you can take to determine whether you have high cheekbones, it is vital that we first look at several types of cheekbones. Cheekbones can be broadly categorized into four types depending on their location and appearance on your face.

The first and the most popular type of cheekbones is the high cheekbone. It is fancied for its attractiveness and astrological superiority. It is located just below the eyes on the upper part of the nose.

The second type of cheekbones is low cheekbones. These are located in the area close to the bottom of your nose. They are not considered to be as attractive as high cheekbones, and they are even frowned upon in some communities.

According to Chinese astrology, men who have this type of cheekbone tend to be submissive at their midlife and are therefore easily manipulated or exploited by other people.

Prominent cheekbones, these types of cheekbones are more like high cheekbones; the only difference being that they are not located as high in the face as high cheekbones are. They also tend to be overly protruded and do not have the same attractiveness as high cheekbones.

The third kind of cheekbones is the uneven cheekbone. Just like the name suggests, it refers to cheekbones that are not symmetrical in either size or location on the face. This type of cheekbone is sporadic and is considered to be a deformity.

Lastly, we have flat cheekbones. These have no noticeable projection and are common with aging people. Flat cheeks are brought about by the loss of fat underneath the face skin on the upper cheek, which exaggerates thickness under the eyes.

Naturally, your genetics and ethnic background are the key determinants of what kind of cheekbone you are born with. Thanks to advances in human anatomy, you can change or modify almost any of your body parts to suit your needs.

How to Determine Whether You Have High Cheekbones

As of this time, there is no medical procedure that can be used to determine the type of cheekbone you have. However, this should not worry you as there are other simple procedures that you can do to find out if you have a high cheekbone.

First Procedure

The first procedure involves the use of your hand, a mirror, and a source of light. This procedure is rather simple and can be performed within a few minutes.

The first step is to clean your face thoroughly. Wash off all the make that you might have to expose the details of your face. Position yourself in front of a mirror large enough to display your face. The room should be well illuminated. The best spot for the mirror should be under the light.

You can adjust the amount of light by either increasing brightness or moving the light source closer to the mirror until you can see your reflection on the mirror.

Position either of your thumbs at the top of your ear and place your index finger on the space between your upper lip and your nostrils. The straight-line mapped out marks the position of your cheekbone.

If your cheekbone is positioned on the upper side of the straight line closer to the upper part of your nose or is just below your eyes, then you are blessed with high cheekbones!

However, if your cheekbone’s location is further below the line towards the lower part of your nose, you have a low cheekbone.

Second Procedure

This is a variation of the first procedure; the only difference being that in this procedure, the location of the cheekbone is pinpointed to a specific spot unlike with the first procedure where a line was used to make an inference depending on what side of the line you cheekbone is situated.

Just like in the first procedure, all you will need to perform this procedure is your hand, a mirror, and a light source. The light must be bright enough for you to see your reflection on the mirror. Wash off all the makeup before commencing the procedure.

Position your thumb at the center of your ear on the hard cartilage that protrudes outwards. Simultaneously place your index finger at the bottom part of your nostril. Move your thumb and index finger simultaneously towards each other until they meet.

Due to the symmetrical nature of your face, the two will meet on your cheekbone. If your cheekbone is located closer to the eye than the tip of your nose, you have a high cheekbone, and if it is located further from your eyes and closer to the bottom part of your nose, you have low cheekbones.


High cheekbones have an irresistible attraction to a lot of people. They have their way of gaining attention and giving your face a youthful, attractive look. With this facial feature, you are almost sure to stand out wherever you go.

Although many people continue to regard high cheekbones as the most refreshing facial feature others even undergoing facial reconstruction surgery to have them, it is essential to note that a lot of handsome men and beautiful women who have low cheekbones!

All beliefs and astrological revelations about different types of cheekbone are not backed by science. A cheekbone is just but a small part of hundreds of body parts that make up a human being and cannot be viewed as a standalone factor influencing a person’s beauty.

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