How to Hide an Unused Door Beautifully

Creative Ways to Cover & Hide a Door in a Room

Moving from an old home to a new residence is often an exciting thing. Your spirits are always high because of the expectations you have of the new home, the complete accessorizing of the place and the modification of functionality to your advantage.

However, our excitements often die down the moment we find the minutest flaw in the structure or designing of the house.

Sometimes, you find that everything is in perfect condition except for the kitchen sink that still needs to be tightly restructured to facilitate the flow of water.

In other scenarios, some door knobs aren’t working as they are supposed to. The lists are endless, and on most occasions, these small issues are so irritating and frustrating that we find ourselves regretting the decision to move out.

I’ve already highlighted some of the common problems home owners experience when moving to their new houses. However, I’ve failed to indicate one commonality that hasn’t been addressed for sometime: the ugly nature of some doors.

The first time I moved out of my folks’ residence, I couldn’t help but be jovially crazed about the idea of having a place of my own. Astoundingly, the first thing that stopped me in my tracks while inspecting one of my selections was the door.

It was unsightly and difficult to get off my mind. Even though I finally picked the house, I still had doubts on what I could do to change the model of the door without spending a fortune or breaking as much as a sweat.

It was not until I stumbled upon the idea of how I could keep the ugly look of the door hidden that I realized I had been dumb my whole life! Not until then, actually.

After sharing my experience with other people, I realized I wasn’t the only one. This was a problem that many people encountered in the quest for new homes and delightful residences.

So, what are the instances surrounding the need for hiding the monstrous structures of doors?

In case you would like to create a unique kind of renovation on your door without bringing the whole piece down, I’d advise you to lose the worry and join me in a detailed guide highlighting the most convenient ways of redesigning the structure in trendy and friendly adaptations.

Digitalizing the unused door

The media has become a contemporary aspect of life in the modem world. Everything is either computerized or electrically sustained to meet the needs of all and sundry.

This option is a recommendation for the installation of media devices on the door, to help get rid of the boredom and ugliness that comes with sighting of the furniture.

Unlike the conventional Cathode Ray Tubes that used to be bulky and heavy to move around, smart televisions with flat screens are currently running the industry with their sleek and multi-functional performance.

They are convenient not only in the easiness of use and installation but also with portability. They can be installed anywhere thus the consideration to mount the models on the ugly unused doors you prefer not to look at.

Additionally, you can take your elegant sound system and install it on the door or it’s front. This way, you’ll be too distracted and entertained by the quality music that you will forget the unsightly look of the door behind the music.

The placement of digital devices like the smart televisions on the doors helps solve all your worries and still affords to keep all your needs in check.

The installation gives you the confidence to invite friends over to watch football without worrying about the embarrassment the model can cause to you and your house.

Pinning a mirror on the door

The mirror is one item that does the trick in ways no other option can. The first thing to consider when choosing a mirror to mount on the door is the look of the mirror.

Is it classy? Is the frame unique? Does it blend with the surrounding furniture or walls?

It’s imperative that you find a special design that reflects your tastes and preferences. Besides, when installing the mirror, ensure it’s positioned in a way that’s facing a classy and pretty part of the room.

Otherwise, you’ll be more ashamed of looking at the reflections than being associated with a nasty-looking egress.

Positioning the mirror to reflect a beautiful part of the room will make you fall in love with looking past the mirror every time you’re moving about. There are so many creative ways of designing a good looking space.

Your favorite liquor store

Sometimes the storage units in the kitchenettes become full and you’re left with no space to store all your collections of wines and liquor.

The best option to look at in such circumstances is the room with the ugly door. You can use the extra space to store the expensive drinks and consequently gain the courage to proudly show the renovated design to friends who come over for pastime drinks.

With an efficient storage unit, you’ll be able to maintain a continuous flow of drinks when enjoying football or hanging out for yard barbeques with members of the neighborhood. You’ll never run out of booze.

The new taciturn library at home

It’s sometimes hard to enjoy reading and writing at home because of the little storage space for reading essentials and the lack of a proper place to provide the services a normal library would.

You could however, make use of the unused room to keep your bookcases, read, use it as a storage unit for information, keep magazines, novels, newspapers, and even get the chance to explore your talents in writing.

The unit will definitely have enough storage space for all your writing items. A library will bring out the best personalities and make your free time comfortably worthwhile.

Creating the art

The ugly nature of an unused door could be changed at the snap of a finger. Beautiful paintings are beautiful distractions. Instead of paying attention to the door, visitors will be enthralled by the paintings and will only be hailing compliments to the artist.

Additionally, paintings make rooms more lively. Adopting colorful pieces of art will brighten the door as well as the surrounding place.

Large-sized paintings are the best because they completely cover the doors leaving no chance for anyone to notice the ugly structure.

Art is a sincere way of expressing one’s feelings. Getting to stick the painting on the door will help you showcase what you love most, as well as exhibit your true self.

Stockpiling pictures

The only way to reminisce good times in our lives is by endlessly staring at the memories of pictures we took over the years. One way of utilizing the free space on the ugly door is by pinning onto the structure lots of pictures taken by members of the family.

This will not only serve as a good reminder of the best times in your life but also be easier for anyone to notice how wonderful and exciting memories you have.

Similarly, placing pictures on the door helps you stay organized and neat, as you have all your pictures in one place and not scattered all over the house.

Curtains, or do you prefer drapes?

Either option is convenient for placement to cover the door. However, drapes are the most preferred designs owing to their lightweight nature and semi transparent disposition.

You can choose at most one type of curtain or drape that is colorific. A curtain is heavier compared to a drape. Light can pass through the drapes and nobody will even notice that an unsightly door is located behind the colorful fabrics.

Notably, however, ensure you’ve picked a color that has a classy and blending effect on the surrounding furniture, floor or walling.

Painting the design

You could opt for repainting processes that would create a new touch and style that matches the wall colors. Nonetheless, if the wall colors are dull and the paint job only adds to the boring nature of the room, consider spicing the model with brighter colors.

The options you choose could range from the color of the carpet, to pillows and chairs. A door with an elegant look is classy and attractive even to guests.

Glass and the French door

French doors are well known for their suitability and affordability. All you need to do after acquisition is find a convenient place for installation. An ugly door leaves you with no other alternative to find a way how to hide a door.

French doors bring in uniqueness to eliminate the boredom that’s typical of conventional doors. Primarily, glass is designed to improve the outlook of any item or place.

You could do anything you want with it. In case the door is a connecting portal to the garden outside, you could improve the look of the hatch, by providing a glass reinforcement that would make the garden more natural and appealing.

The only thing you need to get rid of an ugly door is the creative mind. Versatility will help you utilize whatever you have to your advantage. You’ll be able to modify the outlooks of thresholds into masterpieces that will perplex a lot of people, yourself included!

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